If you want to install Spotify on openSUSE and you see that Spotify doesn’t provide rpm binaries don’t worry, you can still do it!

Image with Spotify working on openSUSE Leap 42.1

I have tested this with Leap 42.1 & 15.0 and Tumbleweed (20180124 and older). It should work with other versions of Leap as well.

It seems that there are two possibilities, on my installation of openSUSE I can use the script and download and package Spotify, although on a fresh installation the script will fail.

How to:

Start by cloning the repository [opensuse-spotify-installer (master)]

Before installing make sure that you have the package update-desktop-files, so

 > sudo zypper in update-desktop-files


After that, run: (at some point you will be asked to enter your root password)

 > ./install-spotify.sh

It will take some time to download and install.

In order to run it type:

 > spotify


Nothing provides libcurl-gnutls.so.4()(64bit):

On my tumbleweed 20180828 I get the following problem while installing:

 Problem: nothing provides libcurl-gnutls.so.4()(64bit) needed by spotify-client-
Solution 1: do not install spotify-client-
Solution 2: break spotify-client- by ignoring some of its dependencies

Find your libcurl.so.4:

 > find /usr/lib64 -name libcurl\*

Link your libcurl.so.4 to libcurl-gnutls.so.4

 > cd /usr/lib64
 > sudo ln -s libcurl.so.4 libcurl-gnutls.so.4


— You can uninstall it by:

 > rpm -e spotify-client


 > ./install-spotify.sh -u

Enjoy your music! πŸ˜€

PS: I’ve approved the comment about megamaced’s spotify-easyrpm (github.com).Β I haven’t tested it myself but it is getting some attention from the community.


— edit: changed the link of the repository to my fork, the repository I forked doesn’t work on leap after he updated his version.

— update [27/05/2016]: The repository that I cloned, got updated and now works with openSUSE Leap by default. Instructions got updated.

— update [20/06/2016]: Changes from the last update don’t work on a fresh installation.

— update [26/01/2018]: Changed title specifying a multi version solution and added the tested versions.

— update [2018/08/16]: Tested and works on Leap 15.0 also.

— update [2018/08/31]: Edited the method and added the problem section.

— update [2018/12/13]: Added mention of spotify-easyrpm.

** Now the original repository may work but I redirect to mine in the case he does any changes and doesn’t work any more on Leap.