Hello all,

I have be working with i3 over the few last months and there is an issue with the Spotify client that I hadn’t found a solution for. When listening to a song and selecting another one, doesn’t matter how i.e. next or specifying the song, the client was not responding for around 20-30 seconds and after that the song(s) would change. I found this very irritating. Fortunately I found a solution to that today.

Solution 1:

I add here a second solution to this, but before the other one. My thought is that this problem was due to having no notification daemon running, resulting on a timeout when spotify tries to sent a notification displaying the current song.

To solve this, install dunst and check that it is properly working.


  • Spotify version
  • i3 version 4.15 (2018-03-10)
  • openSUSE Leap 15.0

Solution 2:

It seems the Linux Spotify client doesn’t oblige by the “dbus rules”. I found and quote “… Deadlocks could be caused by scripts called by Awesome, which rely on buggy spotify dbus properties…” from ArchLinux’s wiki page “Spotify”.

My specs

  • Spotify version
  • i3 version 4.14.1
  • openSUSE Tumbleweed 20180124

The solution for this is simple, go to



and add this line


Restart the spotify client and it should work.


Enjoy your uninterrupted music.



— update [2018/08/28]: Add a second solution (dunst) as solution 1